Speech Services

We evaluate your child's speech and develop a plain to achieve their goals.

Developmental Speech Sound Production

Children with developmental speech sound disorders may be difficult to understand. They may produce some sounds incorrectly or may substitute one sound for another, or leave a sound off completely. Children may have a speech sound disorder as a result of difficulty in their brain telling their muscles how to make sounds which is called Childhood Apraxia of Speech. If you are struggling to understand what your child says or you feel their speech development is behind what you have seen in other children, we advise you to bring your child in for an evaluation.

Speech Sound Production Services

• Evaluation of Speech Development

• Therapy for Developmental Speech Disorders

• Therapy for Articulation Disorders

• Phonological Processing Disorders

• Speech Sound Disorders

• Disorders Related to Hearing Loss

At your child’s first speech sound production appointment, we begin with a thorough evaluation which involves listening to your child’s speech, in particular the sounds they are producing well and the sounds they are struggling to produce. 

A treatment program will then be developed with each parent to achieve your child’s goals. Therapy for speech sound disorders might include teaching the individual the correct way to make sounds, teaching them to identify when sounds are produced correctly or when sounds are produced incorrectly, and encouraging the individual to practice sounds in different words or in longer phrases or sentences. We often use hands-on teaching techniques, game-like activities, and even high tech monitoring via computer recording and playback in our therapy.

Understanding Motor Speech Disorders

Speech is a complex act involving articulators, like the tongue and lips, that create sounds into meaningful messages. The articulators and the systems that produce speech are controlled by the nervous system. Motor speech disorders are the result of neurologic impairements that disrupt the planning, programming, control or execution of speech. Persons with motor speech disorders may have increased difficulty with being understood which can decrease effective communciation. 

Readers Theater Summer Camp

The Readers Theater Summer Camp is a two week program typically held in June every year. Participants will work with student clinicians on speech production, reading fluency and comprehension, and social skills. 


2024 Augmentative & Alternative Communication Camp