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Outside Resources

Autism Resources

Looking for resources to watch, learn, & implement at home? These external links contain videos, articles, checklists, & more that can help.

Where to Start

What is Autism?

The number of areas that can be affected by ASD

Identification, Evaluation, & Management of Children with ASD

For Employers & Recruiters Working and Hiring Individuals with ASD

Parent Center

Helping Your Child with Autism Thrive

Information by Topic

Milestone Checklist

11 Tips for New Autism Parents

Milestone Tracker App


Practical Employment Tips for Parents


ASD for Kiddos

Accessing Services for ASD

Teach Kids About Autism


ADHA and Adult Autism

What Does Autism Spectrum Disorder Look Like in Adults?

Autism Symptoms & Diagnosis in Adults

As Number of Adults With Autism Rise, Need For Better Services Apparent

ASD in Aging Adults

Job Seekers with ASD

Transition Services

Transition to Adulthood

Transition to Adult Life

Adult Life

Transition to Adulthood

Adults with Autism



Children's Foundation

Resource Guide

Urban Planning for Adults With Autism

Employment Rights

Gestalt Learning

What is Gestalt Learning?

Gestalt Language Processing

Podcast of Gestalt Learning

Echolalia and Its Role in Gestalt Language Acquisition

Language Acquisition: Gestalt Processing

Gestalt Language Processing & Spontaneous Communication

Community Resources

Resource Guide



Recreational Activities

AAC Family Support

AAC Family Support Network

2024 Augmentative & Alternative Communication Camp